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A Viking Epic - Viking! graphic
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A Viking Epic - Viking! graphic
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viking cover photo Major new unconventional modern poetic epic of Viking warriors, Norse Gods and Magick !

The art-heavy 'A Viking Epic' is available as a £6.00 paperback, but you can also buy a full colour version here as a £4.00 Ebook in a series of Parts with Search and Zoom ! (and you can print it, see below)

A Viking Epic, Part One - Viking !

A true adventure .......
A lone Viking on a mission for the gods .......
A mission that will affect the whole future of Asgard !

It was foretold .......
When lighted dragons flew the skies.
They would come .......
Fighting men in great ships
Giants of men .......
With long yellow hair and deep blue eyes.

An unconventional modern poetic epic work including Viking warriors and wenches, Norse Gods of Valhalla, magick, elf, dwarf, wolf and of course Viking battle. And further Parts also here soon.

'Viking'. p2 - viking page4 picture .. 'Viking'. p4 - viking page4 photo

The Author :

Andrew John Weaver. Born in Reading, England, in 1958 the eldest of five children and attended Walsall Blue Coat School. A fibreglass engineer, writer and poet.
Loves :- Chess, walking, swimming, nature, the outdoors, art, music, poetry, environmental problems and hopefully solutions.

Artistic Advisor :

Sonja-Marié Peacock. Born in Sasolburg, South Africa in 1963 of an Afrikaans speaking family and attended Middelburg High School. An artist concentrating on scenic art painting and sculpture and also a writer and poet.
Loves :- Nature, the outdoors, metaphysics, art, writing, poetry, ballet, music, photography, the underpriviledged and charity.

Other books involving Andrew Weaver and Sonja Peackock include,
'The Storie Of Faerie Glade'
'dreamweaver - the poems'.

This PDF Ebook on sale now here at £4.00, or read a free extract taster !!
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While many are fully happy using a computer or other PDF reader, sometimes a printed paper copy of an ebook is wanted.
Your PDF ebook can be printed in 3 main ways ;

1. DIY printing from your computer to a printer attached to it. You can print Page 1 on photographic paper for the front cover, and use a a blank photographic paper for the back cover. If your ebook has many colour pages, you can save on print cost with print settings as 'print colour as greyscale', and use a suitable paper size and print size setting. There are a number of simple methods of holding the pages together.

2. Get your ebook printed from PDF by some printers, like Print On Demand - but costs can be high.

3. While-you-wait printing from disc. This can give you a good quick cheaper bound book copy, but at present in the UK is available only in London at Blackwell's Bookshop on Charing Cross Road. They will have it their other bookshops soon, and maybe soon ASDA will install it alongside their photo printing.

NOTE : Some other Wilmots books by Andrew Weaver and Sonja Peackock include 'dreamweaver - the poems' and 'The Storie Of Faerie Glade'.

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A Viking Epic - Viking! graphic

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A Viking Epic - Viking! graphic

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