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This easy automated Rented Housing Development Appraiser in Excel is a MUST for anybody concerned with the development of new affordable homes for rent, with options for different government grants, rents, voids, and cost levels. If you are a house builder or developer currently using laborious manual scheme appraisal, then this will save you time and money.

Once scheme data is input, multiple scenarios can be run in minutes at any time before, during and after your development process. How does breakeven-year differ for different home-type mixes or for different subsidy levels if using subsidy ? These and many other scenarios can be run easily in minutes.

The appraiser is navigated by buttons and below is its main menu screen ;

rented housing main screen

The appraiser has full onboard instructions and below is part of its help ;

subsidised rented housing help screen

Below is the appraiser's main input area ;

rented housing inputs screen

The optional voids change input area ;

voids phasing rented housing screen

And the output summary screen ;

rented housing outputs screen

Use this Rented Housing Development Appraiser to easily run options with different costs, different rents, different house type mixes and/or different voids. Get instant reports on yearly costs, surplus/loss and receipts to 50 years - highlighting profit year and key averages. Further detailed outputs are also produced for each home type in a scheme.

Standard version can be downloaded when order completed, suitable for Excel2002 or later.

Get all of this now for only £20.00, at our Excel Software.

subsidised rented housing graphic

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subsidised rented housing graphic

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