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Maze Cube Tobar's Maze Cube is an almost endless puzzle !

A maze with a difference ! Each of the maze faces in Maze Cube are removable and interchangeable, allowing almost endless combinations. Simply insert a ball-bearing at the Start and find your way to the End, before changing the maze and starting all over again. Highly addictive.

Tobar's Maze Cube has 6 connecting maze faces, inside a clear cube whose end face slides open. In red, yellow or green but the same maze - allowing a puzzle with 699,840 different mazes.

6 red, green or yellow interchangeable maze panels
a 7 cm clear cube allowing 699,840 different mazes
and 6 ball-bearings (just in case you lose 1 or 2)

You get the ball-bearing from the Start hole to the End hole. Then rearrange the panels and start a new maze - over and over again - if family and friends do not keep demanding a go !

Tobar's Maze Cube Only £3.50, click to BUY now from our online store !!

Normally despatched within 24 hours,
and certainly within 3 business days.

Customer Reviews:

"I am happily trying new maze combinations every day."

"My young son sets a new maze for me, and I set a new maze for him ! "

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Maze Cube puzzle graphic

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