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sea angling photo Major new Ebook of Sea Angling & Cornish Fishing !

The photo-laden 'Sea Angling Around Cornwall' would be a very expensive print book, but you can buy it here as a very reasonably priced Ebook with Search and Zoom ! (and you can print it, see below)

This great Sea Angling ebook has been developed from the popular 1999 sea angling book of the same title by these authors, with much substantial improvement and updating for 2010. This is the nearest thing available to a definitive textbook on Sea Angling.

In here those who love fishing and the sea will find all the best fishing facts on Being Safe And Comfortable, on Fish Identification, on Shore and Boat Rigs, on Bait and Presentation, on Boat Angling, on Cleaning and Filleting Fish and Fish Recipes - and of course lots on many Fishing Marks around Cornwall.

This book has been written, in answer to many of the queries raised by visiting anglers to Cornwall, to give an answer to "where can I fish ?", "what baits are best ?" And "which method produces fish best ?" These questions are commonly asked in most Sea Angling Centres and Tackle Shops about sea fishing. Well illustrated with lots of photos of different saltwater fish, fish baits, fishing tackles, Cornish fishing marks & more - and clear diagrams of many angling knots, fishing rigs and methods.

'Fish'. p18 - sea angling fish picture .. 'Rigs'. p44 - sea angling rigs photo

The Authors :

David is an experienced course angler who converted to sea angling in the early 1980's. David having some mobility problems has influenced some of the fishing mark choices, placing an emphasis on safety and ease of access.

Nigel owns one of Cornwall's premier tackle shops. He is a keen shore angler, and an even keener boat angler, with long experience of both inshore and offshore boat fishing. Along with David, Nigel has considerable experience of bait collection and preparation.

Mike has a degree in Earth Sciences and Oceanography, and is concerned about conservation and safety aspects of sea angling. As a keen walker, he undertook much of the detailed survey work for the fishing marks. Mike's Cornish experience dates back to a first fishing trip to Hayle in 1958 which he enthusiastically followed up.

Fish Recipes by Mrs P.M.Weaver

On sale only here at £6.00, 'Sea Angling Around Cornwall', or read a free extract taster !!

ANOTHER sea angling pdf Ebook by these authors is now also on sale here at only £4.00, 'Sea Angling And Fish',
(Or you can buy this in Kindle, Palm, Epub and other formats from Smashwords at - 'Sea Angling And Fish'.)

NOTE: 'Sea Angling Around Cornwall' is basically 'Sea Angling And Fish' with added Cornwall fishing marks and more.


While many are fully happy using a computer or other PDF reader, sometimes a printed paper copy of an ebook is wanted.
Your PDF ebook can be printed in 3 main ways ;

1. DIY printing from your computer to a printer attached to it. You can print Page 1 on photographic paper for the front cover, and use a a blank photographic paper for the back cover. If your ebook has many colour pages, you can save on print cost with print settings as 'print colour as greyscale', and use a suitable paper size and print size setting. There are a number of simple methods of holding the pages together.

2. Get your ebook printed from PDF by some printers, like Print On Demand - but costs can be high.

3. While-you-wait printing from disc. This can give you a good quick cheaper bound book copy, but at present in the UK is available only in London at Blackwell's Bookshop on Charing Cross Road. They will have it their other bookshops soon, and maybe soon ASDA will install it alongside their photo printing.

For more ebooks see Free-eBooks.net - includes most of the free ebooks on the internet. Also free for addition of one's own ebooks.

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